My Next Adventure

After getting back from Ethiopia a little less than 2 months ago, I feel God is leading me to do something a little crazy.  My soccer team and some of the other sports at my school are planning a missions trip to Costa Rica…in May.  There is no way I  can pay for this, so it was my plan to just miss it.  1 missions trip in a year is huge, let alone 2.  I knew that some people would see me as an over-zealous college freshman traveling around the world on their money.  Besides, I’ve never really had a desire to go to Latin America.  Why would I put myself through all the physical, emotional, and spiritual strain for a place that was not even on my radar?

That’s when I realized that not going for all the wrong reasons is still wrong.  So I asked God to open my heart and tell me what he desired for me on this trip.  God told me that He wanted me to go.  He would open my heart to these people if I would just go for Him…If I could just release my plans and go where He leads me when He leads me, He will make something glorious happen.  And I’ve felt Him reassure me every time I’ve asked how this thing is going to work.  I wouldn’t say I’m necessarily excited for Costa Rica, but I’m awfully curious about what God wants to show me and how He can use me  and why this trip…why now?

Sometimes I’m asked what I will do if I don’t raise enough money…but I don’t think that is an option because what God said will be, will be.

This is me stepping out in faith.  This is me opening my hands up to what God wants to place in them.  God wants to show Himself faithful to me and I’m taking that chance.  I just want to find myself in awe of His glory.

My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness. I dare not trust the sweetest frame, but wholly trust in Jesus’ name.