So I just want to celebrate  some of what God has done this summer:

1. He taught me how to embrace the call of leadership.

2. He spoke His truths through me.

3. He showed me that prayer is my most powerful weapon.

4. He once again confirmed my call to missions.

5. He has made my fear a driving force to take me to places where I’ve never been,

6. He was faithful on my trip to Costa Rica.

7. He drew people that I admire closer into my life.

8. He gave me a vision for someone I love and it constantly gives me hope.

9. He gave me a heart for the people I will be leading.

10. He let me discover what it means to just be His.

11. He gave me the knowledge to fix my computer and then fixed what I couldn’t!

12. He blessed my mom to be able to help me move into school and rent a car while there.

13. He shaped my heart for worship through learning piano.

14. He gave me the courage to make some very important life decisions.

15. He has made me excited for change.

16. He allowed me to be able to see and be inspired by my favorite spoken word artist Miss Terious Janette…iks at Rhetoric 2013.

17. He gave me an abundance of family time and memories.

18. He changed my mental mindset to always push through because He is my rock.

19.  He gave me beauty for ashes, joy for mourning and praise for heaviness, so that I may be called an oak of righteousness.

Thank you God for 19 years and for giving me even more blessings to grow on 🙂

❤ Haley