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Diary of a World Changer

Recently I have been reading The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning (which is an amazing book by the way) and chapter 3 discusses how Jesus fraternized with the ungodly, unworthy, and completely unclean.  He called them to his table and ate with them.  This symbolized love, brotherhood, approval, forgiveness, and acceptance.  This would have been the most non-socially acceptable thing for the so-called Son of God to do.

So often I think that Christians play the part of the Jesus at the table rather than his table-mates.  It is we who set the standard of purity and holiness, calling out to the sinners to come and eat with us.  It’s like we feel that if the dying and dirty spend time with us they will be clean…But this is NOT the gospel.

The gospel calls US to the table, not them.  Jesus gives us a personal invitation and with our…

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