Men Are Not Made For Cages

For all the amazing men.


Remember that “Plan B” blog post that I wrote like a year ago? Yeah, well there’s a reverse side to it as well. So, here’s what we’ve all been waiting for… the follow up article has finally arrived! 

The reality is, you’re convenient.

I wish you could really see that, and I wish you could see the injustice it is. For someone to have made you a convenience, a decoration, a luxury for their selfishness. That simply is a crying shame.

You deserve far more than just being her coat rack, the thing she keeps in the corner to hold her stuff until she’s ready to take it all back; and I’m sorry to say that she will. She will come and get that coat and you’ll be left bare in the corner. Don’t stand around and let that happen.

I wish I could make you believe it…

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