A Preacher’s Daughter

I have a confession to make:

I am a preacher’s daughter.

My dad has been in ministry ever since I can remember.  He’s an elder in the denomination I grew up in and gets to sit right next to the pastor in the pulpit.  As much as that can be interpreted as subtle sarcasm, it is not actually was not meant to be.  It can be a wonderful experience to have a father that has answered the Lord’s call and devoted himself to the ministry.  However, being a preacher’s daughter is something that most people will never completely understand.

First of all,  growing up I always felt the pressure to be more than simply “good enough” beause anything I did would reflect negatively on his parenting and ultimately his ministry.  Whether this fear was real or irrational, I don’t completely know.  But I do know that there definitely are those people that judge others based on the choices of their children which is completely unfair.  Even now, I still feel people question everything that I am becoming as I venture out into the world on my own.

Second, you are forever identified by whose child you are.  In certain circles, if I say my last name I am already associated as an elder’s daughter.  Again, this is not necessarily a bad thing, but people often carry preconceived notions about who I am and what I should act like.  Sometimes it just nice to be Haley, with absolutely no association to my dad’s ministry.

Third, when your father plays an important role in the running of the church, it may mean that you almost live at church (especially if it’s on the smaller side).  If the doors were open, you were probably there.  “I’m tired” was never a valid excuse.  

Fourth, people always want to talk to you, but it’s hardly ever about the things you actually want to talk about, at least until you get older.  No one realizes that preachers’ kids question their faith, leave the church, have life struggles.  If you know a preacher’s kid, give them a break from the church and take them to a playground or a movie or coffee.  That’s where real life happens anyway.

Fifth, my dad being a preacher is not the only reason I’m a Chrstian.  Yes, my parents raised me in church and showed me love and taught me about God (it is truly a blessing), but in the end, if I had never had a personal experience with God, I WOULD NOT be following Christ.

Lastly, not all preachers’ kids are destined for the ministry.  That is a particular call God has placed on some of our lives, but not all.  It is okay for a pk to go into business, medicine, science, or any other field that’s not full-time ministry.  And it is perfectly fine if they make that their place of ministry.

Trust me, it is a wonderful blessing to a have a father that is able to speak the word of God to others and tries to embody what it means to be a man of God.  But as a preacher’s daughter, I think my life is pretty normal, lacking any special expectations or requirements.  It’s a part of who I am, but not necessarily my identity.  

I am just Haley.


A lot of things are changing

And I mean a lot…or it could just be my version of alot, which is like 3 things.  After applying to be a discipleship group leader for freshman girls at my university next year, going through an enormous waiting period, and an interview, I found out that I got it.  I couldn’t be more excited.  I have almost no idea what I’m doing but I know that this is something God has put on my heart and I’m excited to see where His heart is going to lead our little group next year.  Sure, I have some ideas, but I know that God is going to blow me away.

Also, this missions trip to Costa Rica is rapidly approaching and I’m beginning to realize that God is going to move in an incredibly powerful way.  And I think God is going to show me just a glimpse of how He can use me.  The money is so not coming in.  I’ve done some work so I should be about halfway there once those checks come in.  Other than that I’ve had no donations, but for some reason I’m not entirely stressed.  God is God and He’s already got it figured out.  I have the easy job of just praying and trying and He gets to do what He does best and blow my mind with supernatural provision…so that’s cool.

Well, in school I’m probably going to double minor.  Basically I would trade in my cross discipline study for a minor which is 6 extra credits.  120 credits to 126 credits, which wouldn’t be a big deal except I really want to study abroad (and I really feel God wants me to go to India).  That would be 126 credits over 7 semesters, subtract the 12 credits I brought in.  It’s not that bad, it’ll just be a little more work.  I would be a global studies major with a double minor in intercultural ministry and leadership studies.  And I have a heart for all those things so that’s good.

I want to go to the Crimean Peninsula in Ukraine and share Christ with the Islamic Tatar people.  How am I getting there and when am I going? Idk.

God has been renewing my heart in His love and a hunger for the supernatural to take place on earth as an overflow of His love through me!

*Random fact: I have a new pen pal in China and he is super cool.

Here are the lyrics to a song that has just been wrecking me:

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
And my faith will be made stronger
In the presence of my Savior

-Oceans by Hillsong United

BOOM done.